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SAN health /autostart doens't work

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  • 1.  SAN health /autostart doens't work

    Posted 06-06-2016 06:03 AM



    I would like to setup SAN Health to run once a month.

    I found in Brocade forum that it's possible with task scheduler and with /autostart flag.

    I treid to launch below command in "CMD" but the tool is loaded but the audit doesn't start.

    "c:\SAN Helath Audits\DC_SAN.set" /autostart

    I ran manually the audit and it's runing fine.


    Can someoane help?


    I tried with Win 7 and WIn 2012 R2 and same...



  • 2.  Re: SAN health /autostart doens't work
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    Posted 06-06-2016 10:25 AM

    Hi Nordin,

    Please see for the details, specifically the screen shot of the New Action box. You'll need to call the SAN Health .EXE with "C:\Program Files\Brocade\SAN Health\SANHealth.exe". You can likley use one of the following in your CMD box:


    "C:\Program Files\Brocade\SAN Health\SANHealth.exe" "C:\SAN Helath Audits\DC_SAN.set" /autostart




    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Brocade\SAN Health\SANHealth.exe" "C:\SAN Helath Audits\DC_SAN.set" /autostart


    BUT, after doing some testing here, it appears that this may be case-sensitive. If the extension is actually .SET, please use that or the process may not work. Please let us know the outcome.


  • 3.  Re: SAN health /autostart doens't work

    Posted 06-09-2016 05:48 AM



    Thx. It was case sensitive issue.

    Now it's working.





  • 4.  Re: SAN health /autostart doens't work

    Posted 01-30-2018 03:29 AM

    hi ,

    i am also trying to do the same task which you have achieved ,but i dont know the format for the .SET file and how to create the .SET file .can you please help me on this or point me to correct resources which might help me in understanding the .SET file format and contents. 




  • 5.  Re: SAN health /autostart doens't work

    Posted 01-30-2018 10:04 AM

    Hi aravindsmg,

    A .SET file is the saved information that can be used to start a SAN Health audit. Please watch the short videos at to get a good idea of how to use SAN Health.



    Health Admin