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SAN Health Tool

  • 1.  SAN Health Tool

    Posted 03-04-2014 10:55 AM

    Hi Guys,


    I am new to this tool. Some One could help me how to work with this SAN Health Tool. If possible, please provide the details description available link.




  • 2.  Re: SAN Health Tool

    Posted 06-17-2014 02:02 PM

    If you have downloaded the latest version of San Health,

    (1)  install it ( i use the windows version)

    (2) Open it (3) click NEW and fill in all the information asked for. 

    (3) name the report (eg site, datacenter etc)

    (4) Add the IPs, user, and pw for Fabric's A & B. The app should launch and go inspect your 2 switches. If all is good then the app will indicate that, if bad it will tell you too,

    (5) The windows is now split btwn the Audit Start & the activity log on the left and the switches it found on the right. 

    (7) The Fabric Name page will give you options to name a vendor and let you set how long of a performance capture you want. (this really works). 


             a.) set the protocol to SSH

             b.) max the time for SSH connect and the handshake

             c.) Set Wait time to 20 minutes

             d.) Set 'how patient to 'slow'  

    (9) Name the 2 fabrics 

    (10) Once you have both fabrics names and ip set, IMPT!!  CLICK the SAVE button at the top and Name the Capture something relevant.  This enables you to run it anytime later. 

    (11) CLICK the Capture TAB to start the app. 

    (12) watch the activity log scroll along it show you all the command quieries etc.and errors if any.

    (13) wait until it completes ( the app will zip and encrypt the package and 'ready it' for emailing to Brocade SH.   If you can't email it from the app you will need to find the  *(the name you gave the report).BSH file in one of the Brocade app folders on you PC. Copy it and separately email it to       For Questions email: