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SAN Network Advisor Event Monitoring

  • 1.  SAN Network Advisor Event Monitoring

    Posted 03-08-2017 12:31 PM

    I'm using HP branded SNA Version 14.0.1.   


    What I want to know are a couple of things, is it possible to have every switch in your environment forward any and all events to SNA so they can be viewed in one place.  


    For example one of my switches rebooted twice the last two days.  In looking at the event registered on the switch you can see items like excessive memory consumption and the switch reboot.  These everts never show up in SNA.  I'm using the professionial, small network configuation.


    Also when clicking on a switch and going to the monitor, event field I dont see any data for the vast majority of my switches.  Two ot the newer one's running the latest firmware shown events related to a recent firmware upgrade run during installation.


    Any help would be great.






  • 2.  Re: SAN Network Advisor Event Monitoring

    Posted 03-08-2017 01:15 PM

    @Charles Martin


    I moved you post from SH Forum to Management Software Forum


  • 3.  Re: SAN Network Advisor Event Monitoring

    Posted 03-17-2017 07:00 AM



    are your switches correctly discover and setup in BNA? What does the Discovery > Fabric display?


    If switches are discovered in BNA, the all raslog and also syslog messages should be forwarded and visible in BNA. And you can see them in BNA or forward to other location.  Some information about discovery at