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question about BNA alert

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  • 1.  question about BNA alert

    Posted 10-30-2017 04:11 PM
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    I am trying to understand what BNA is telling me. I checked it today and found a bunch of "running configuration version x has deviated" messages. Naturally I cannot find anything relating to this in the help system.


    Reading the text, I would assume the running config on my switches is different than the startup config, however I have pulled up several and compared "show run" with "show config" line for line and there is no change, So I don't really understand what this is telling me. Is there a way to look up where this is documented? 




  • 2.  Re: question about BNA alert
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    Posted 11-07-2017 12:28 AM



    I am assuming your are managing IP / NOS products. Notice the following


    The Management application backs up the product configuration after a change is detected in the product configuration. The initial copy
    of a product configuration backup becomes the baseline configuration. Once the baseline configuration is established, the Management
    application compares all additional product configuration backup files to the baseline configuration for deviation. You can view
    configuration deviation status on the Status Bar of the Management application window.


    The latest configuration of the product is compared with all available baselines configurations of that product. The two
    deviations for same product are deviation with respect to startup baseline and deviation with respect to running baseline.


    More information (from BNA 12.4 but similiar to 14.x)







  • 3.  Re: question about BNA alert

    Posted 11-09-2017 04:06 PM

    In understand, thank you for the reply!