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Add G620's to BNA

  • 1.  Add G620's to BNA

    Posted 09-03-2018 11:33 AM

    We curently have BNA v14.2.2. We are not heavy users, but we would like to start using it more, especially with Peer Zoning and getting more people in our group into admnistration.


    We recently installed some new G620 switches, but I can't get them added to BNA. I've compared their SNMP config with our other switches and they appear to match.


    In BNA if I go to Discover/Fabrics. Then click Add, enter the Fabric Name, IP Address, User ID, and Password, I almost immediately get "Authentication failure", but I know I'm using the proepr credentials as I can ssh fine. I've left SNMP basically the default.


    I've also tried creating an ipfilter allowing everything just to make sure it's not a firewall issue.


    Can I get some suggestions or direction on how to get these new switches into BNA?


    Thanks in advance.