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Rule is not present in the rule_database.

  • 1.  Rule is not present in the rule_database.

    Posted 03-06-2019 06:24 AM
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    We currently have 4 directory level Brocade switches in our enviornment.  We also use SAN Network Advisore and enforce MAPS rules on them.  The switches are currently running firmware version 8.0.2c.  It appears that one of the switches refules to take a custom rule change that we implement.


    The rule is ALP_ITFLWG40_RxxTExxxxxxx.  On the one switch it shows the error message as


    "rule name is not present in rule database"


    All 3 other switches appear to accept the rule without issue.  Googling the error message does not seem to give me much information.


    Anyone have any idea how to correct this. 


    Still looking for help on this issue.  One other thing to note is that when trying to apply the MAPS policy to the directory level switches I get this error message.  


    "The active policy has actions which are not configuree don this switch.  Please enable the actions on the switch to take effect"


    Any help would really be appreciated.







    Switch Errors.docx   25K 1 version