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Cannot config SMI agent for DS5100B

  • 1.  Cannot config SMI agent for DS5100B

    Posted 12-17-2013 05:29 AM

    Sorry for douplicated post, I posted it on FC sub-board just now and considering its related to software management, so post here again.


    I am facing a problem when installing SMI agent for DS5100B. From your web page I know DS5100B SMI agent is integrated into EMC CMCNE, I downloaded CMCNE 12.1.2 from EMC website and installed as "SMI Agent Only" since I don't have a CMCNE license. However, when I started SMI agent it told me the agent is not eanbled, and should be enabled from configuration wizard, but I DO enable the agent during configuration phase.


    What's more, I was not able to configure SMI Agent, according to CMCNE manual looks I was lack of Read-Write priviledge, to get this priviledge I need to login CMCNE to do some opeations. While I asked EMC support and they told me this is not realted to CMCNE license but SMI configuration problem. This looks make sense since installing SMI Agent Only doesn't require the license.


    This totally got me confused. I want to make it sure whether it is CMCNE license that keeps me from adding priviledge or SMI agent itself configuration problem. Could anyboy give me a hint so I can go on? Thanks a lot.