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8510-4 Fabric Domain ID Best Practices

  • 1.  8510-4 Fabric Domain ID Best Practices

    Posted 02-04-2015 11:13 AM

    Hello All,


    I have a question about San fabric Domain ID best practices.


    I have new two 8510-4 48 port SAN switch.  Also, I have four san switch that's already running on our environment ( 24 port Basic Brocade SAN Switch ). 


    SAN 1 domain ID=1

    SAN 2 domain ID=2

    SAN 3 domain ID=3

    SAN 4 domain ID=4


    I will configure new san fabric. I have fabric license for all. I will connect this SAN switches to my 8510-4 SAN as redundant.


    I know that my 8510-4 switch's default domain ID is 1.


    I want to learn that what is best practices to set domain ID ?  Is there any advice about 8510-4 san switch's domain ID must be greater or smaller than others ? For example 8510-4 SAN's domain ID must be 1. Other Basic SAN's domain ID must be 2,3,4,5 etc.... Does it matter domain ID ranking ?



    What is your opinion about such a scenario  ?





  • 2.  Re: 8510-4 Fabric Domain ID Best Practices

    Posted 02-08-2015 03:23 AM



    In response to your query, it does not matter Domain ID ranking, you can configure the one you prefer on the new switch provided that you dont use one of the Domain IDs used by the other switchs.


    If you had more than one fabric, I would consider a best practice to assign even Domain ID numbers to one of the fabrics and odd Domain ID numbers to the other fabric, so that you can easily identify the fabric it belongs to by the Domain ID switch. But if you only have one fabric, I would just keep increasing the series you're using and configure the new switch with the next available Domain ID, 5 in this particular case.


    Best regards,



  • 3.  Re: 8510-4 Fabric Domain ID Best Practices

    Posted 02-10-2015 06:48 AM

    Hi Felipon,


    Thank you very much for your attention. Now I understand better...


    Have a nice days.