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San switch change

  • 1.  San switch change

    Posted 02-27-2015 02:42 AM

    hi to all


    in our environment  we have 3 san switches ,connected to each other serially  .The one in the middle switch which connects the other  2 san switch will be retired soon and has to be changed by a new san switch.


    But the san switch which will be replaced has the lowest domain ıd :1 in our environmet 

    so what is the best way to make that san switch replacement  ?




  • 2.  Re: San switch change

    Posted 03-02-2015 02:54 AM

    Nobody answered my previous email ,


    any idea will be great , what i am thinking is  as follows

    1-Extend the fabric by adding the new switch to the system with higher Domain ID

    2-Then unplug one the  Fc cables from the middle switch ,and plug in to the newly added switch ,and the reconfigure for the switch

    according to the zoning requirements.


    does it sounds good? or any other ideas??






  • 3.  Re: San switch change

    Posted 03-02-2015 05:39 PM

    If you have a setup like:


    1 <-> 2 <-> 3


    Than just add 4 and connect this to 1 and 3. After that move any initiator/target from 2 to 4 and remove 2.


    If you have your zoning set-up with WWN's and not





    Erwin van Londen