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firmwaredownload failures

  • 1.  firmwaredownload failures

    Posted 04-22-2013 03:14 PM


      I have a 48000 switch . One CP failed and was replaced. The existing CP runs 6.2.0g verison while the replacement one runs 6.4.0c. I need to downgrade the new CP to 6.2.0g.  I am trying to downgrade the standby CP from 6.4.0c to 6.3.2d using scp on  a windows server. First, is there a specific downgrade path that I need to follow or is it ok to downgrade from 6.4.0c -> 6.3.2d and then to 6.2.0g .  If not, can someone give me the recommended path. As for the downgrade itself, it fails and tried it multiple times. FOS  directory is under my homedir  . I am able to do configupload without any issues.  Here is what happens.

    Switch:admin> firmwaredownload -s

    Server Name or IP Address:

    User Name: xxxxxx

    File Name: FOS/v6.3.2d

    Network Protocol(1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP) : 3


    Do Auto-Commit after Reboot

    Reboot system after download

    Server IP:, Protocol IPv4

    Checking system settings for firmwaredownload...

    Failed to access scp://xxxxx:******xx@

    The server is inaccessible or firmware path is invalid. Please make sure the server name or IP address, the user/password and the firmware path are valid and the server supports SSH password authentication.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • 2.  Re: firmwaredownload failures

    Posted 04-22-2013 06:10 PM

    Hi Moeen,

    The path you outlined should work for you (6.4.0c -> 6.3.2d -> 6.2.0g). Looking at the message posted, it appears to be complaining about the path or server accessibility.  You may wish to explicitly point to the home directory.  The following is an example for the FOS v6.4.0 Admin Guide.  I added the -s part for you.

    ecp:admin> firmwaredownload -s

    Type of Firmware (FOS, SAS, or any application) :

    Server Name or IP Address:

    User Name: userfoo

    File Name: /home/userfoo/v6.4.0

    Network Protocol (1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP) :