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DCX8510-8 Core blade powercycle

  • 1.  DCX8510-8 Core blade powercycle

    Posted 03-13-2019 01:00 AM

    Hi Team,

    I have to perform core blade power cycle like ( poweron then poweroff) for some port issue. But I am worried about whether traffic will be interrupted during this period. And how long does it take to switch traffic from core blade 1 to core blade 2? Thanks!





  • 2.  Re: DCX8510-8 Core blade powercycle

    Posted 03-13-2019 06:13 AM
    Generally speaking, the traffic will not be interrupted at all. A number of frames currently being processed by the powercycled core blade will be lost. Really just a number, maximum one frame per port, i.e. 96 frames, and most likely less, because the same frames will be travelling from the ingress to the egress ports. This will most likely result in a number of SCSI timeouts and/or retries on the attached hosts.

    When powered on, the blade will perform the POST, and it will take a few minutes to come up. While the core blade will not be available, the entire throughput of your DCX will be twice lower than usual.

    All this means that you'd better perform this power cycle when you normally have less workload. Or less of the critical workload. But overall the switch will continue processing the traffic while one of the cores is power cycled or just offline.