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FCIP implementation

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  • 1.  FCIP implementation

    Posted 06-19-2014 02:37 AM

    A question that I cannot find the answer for .

    I am in a process of planning to implement FCIP between two sites ,

    I have a DCX8510-8 with a FX8-24 blade installed with 2 x 10 GBE  - SR sfp's , now the question

    Would a multimode fibre as well as a single mode fibre work with the Short reach sfp or is it the same with FC sfp ie SW = multimode fibre and LW = single mode fibre

    so therefore SR = Multimode and LR= singlemode



  • 2.  Re: FCIP implementation

    Posted 06-19-2014 08:16 AM

    like SW and LW for FC protocols, SR and LR use the same Fibre cabling


    SR = 850 nm Multimode

    LR = 1310 nm Singlemode




  • 3.  Re: FCIP implementation

    Posted 06-19-2014 08:20 AM

    Thanks Tech Help


    So in other words

    SR = multi mode

    LR = singlemode correct?


  • 4.  Re: FCIP implementation
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-19-2014 08:49 AM

    is correct.


    in details:


    Multimode called MMF have specific Modal Bandwith

    OM1 = 200 MHz

    OM2 = 500 MHz

    OM3 = 2000 MHz

    OM4 = 4700 MHz


    Singlemode called SMF, OS1 Type cable don't have any specific "Modal Bandwith"


    depend what you want to relized, your should ask for a Cabling Protocols, and exact cable type.


    new generation of OM3 and OM4 cable are LOMMF = Laser Optimized


    OM2, OM3 and OM4, 50 μm and OS1 9 μm New cable generation, are availeble as "bend optimized" ; "enhanced bend performance" and "bend insensitive" Such cable is designe to have very small lost of signal, and is generally called BOMMF = "bend optimized"


    hope that help