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Mirroring between two san

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  • 1.  Mirroring between two san

    Posted 08-20-2015 06:07 AM


    I have two IBM DS 5020 san. I have also mirroring on them. Or had. Until I moved one of the in another data center. It seems that I cannot enable the mirroring again. 


    Between the datacenters I have black fiber. So a fabric over 50 km. But it works fine. All licenses are in place, configuration ok. I have two links actually between the data centers. But one of them is up.


    For the DS, I connect FC port used for mirroring to the san switch. I see that both SAN communicate with the fiber switches. I see the WWNs. So I have created the connection betwen them. 


    Here is the configuration for each san switch port used by the SAN.

    Area Number:              9
    Speed Level:              4G
    Fill Word:                    1(Arbff-Arbff)
    AL_PA Offset 13:      OFF
    Trunk Port                  ON
    Long Distance           OFF
    VC Link Init                OFF
    Locked L_Port          OFF
    Locked G_Port         OFF
    Disabled E_Port       OFF
    Locked E_Port          OFF
    ISL R_RDY Mode    OFF
    RSCN Suppressed  OFF
    Persistent Disable   OFF
    LOS TOV enable     OFF
    NPIV capability        ON
    QOS E_Port              AE
    Port Auto Disable:   OFF
    Rate Limit                 OFF
    Mirror Port                OFF
    Credit Recovery     ON
    F_Port Buffers        OFF
    Fault Delay:           0(R_A_TOV)
    NPIV PP Limit:       126
    CSCTL mode:        OFF


    I have tried with WORDFILL having values 0 and 3. Did not work.


    The error i get is 180 - cannot communicate with the remote storage subsystem to complete this request.


    Any tips much appreciated.

    Thank you!


  • 2.  Re: Mirroring between two san

    Posted 08-20-2015 06:09 AM

    To mention that the GBICs i am using are Brocade 8Gb. But I have configured the speed to be 4 Gb, as the controller supports. I have tried with 8 Gb as well. Does not work. Were 4 Gb before, but I do not think that this should be an issue.



  • 3.  Re: Mirroring between two san

    Posted 08-20-2015 06:17 AM

    And one mor thing. On the main SAN, I see two small Logical Drives called MIRROR REPOSITORY. Should those be deleted?

    Before moving the SAN, I have stopped the mirroring process. Not suspended, but stoped. 



  • 4.  Re: Mirroring between two san
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    Posted 08-21-2015 01:01 AM

    My mistake. I have mixed the controllers. A has to speak with A and B has to speak with B.



  • 5.  Re: Mirroring between two san

    Posted 09-02-2015 10:27 PM

    Hello Alexia,

    did you mean that only mistake that you had is mixing on zoning controlars A & B?

    i have the same issue and need your help


  • 6.  Re: Mirroring between two san

    Posted 09-02-2015 11:17 PM