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Peer zoning in FOS 7.4

  • 1.  Peer zoning in FOS 7.4

    Posted 02-22-2016 03:02 AM


    Does anybody have any experience with the new feature of  Peer zoning in FOS 7.4?

    From the documentation it is not clear to me if it is supported or recommended to have more than one principal in a Peer zone.

    The description has only on Target principal and many iniitator peers, but there is also a description that only principal-peer trafick is alowd within the peer zon, peer-peer and principal-principal trafick is discarded.


    I am building a new installation with DCX 8510-8 switches, 4 NetApp (8060 and 8080 controllers) cdot clusters with several physical HBA on each controller, all hosts are ESX, with about 15-20 different vSphere clusters.

    I am pllanning on building one NetApp Storage Virtual Machin (SVM) for each vSphere cluster on each NetApp cluster, in total probaly 30-40 SVM. Each NetApp SVM has a number of virtual FC interfaces (one on each physical).

    Each NetApp controller has one physical port on each portblade.



    With a peer zone I can have all esx servers in one cluster as peer and therefore at least one peer zone for each vSphere cluster (per fabric ofcourse), but do I need one peer zone for each array port, or can I use one peer zone for a vSphere kluster with all array ports (SVM ports) as prinipals?



    Ulf Wennergren