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Connecting DS-300 to blade switches

  • 1.  Connecting DS-300 to blade switches

    Posted 10-24-2014 02:50 AM

    Hi everyone,

    sorry for this question but I'm a total newbie regarding Brocade Switches.

    I have two storage systems connected each one to two different Brocade DS-300B switches. (4 DS-300 in total)

    I need to connect these 4 DS-300 to 2 Brocade 8/12c SAN Switch for BladeSystem c-Class (which are going to replace blade passthroughs)

    Since two DS-300 are connected to a storage which is in production they have zoning configured.

    How can I connect these DS-300 to blade switches while preserving zoning??


    Can I simply attach cables in order to have visibility from the blades to the storage or do I have to configure zoning in blade switches?

    Another question is do I need a particular license in order to connect DS-300 with blade switches (switch to switch connection)?

    Thank you very much for your help,

    Best Regards,



  • 2.  Re: Connecting DS-300 to blade switches

    Posted 10-24-2014 07:20 AM



    such question is a common Topic here, but not problem I'll try in feew word to explain what you have to do.


    in order to connect - ISL = Inter Switch Linke - HP Blade Switch to Brocade 300, you must assign to HP Blade unique Domain ID, because each Switch in the same fabric must have unique DID.


    To change the DID, set the HP Blade Switch to disable from command Line with "switchdisable"

    next step, now with command "configure" you can set another DID, ignore all other option and press enter until cursor is back to promt. Set the switch to enable "switchenable" 


    Second Step, you should verify, both Brocade 300 and Hb Blade Switch have compatible FOS, "firmwareshow"


    --->>>Another question is do I need a particular license in order to connect DS-300 with blade switches...


    from command line "licenseshow" command, give the output all installed License.


    theoretically Fabric License is needed otherwise you cannot ISL from Switch with another one and the Fabric cannot be Build, however, with FOS Rel. 7.2 and above for Fabric ( E_Port License ) is the Features native enable.


    if you have other question, collect Info from both Switch, and upload here.