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Brocade 300 FOS7.1 ipv6 gateway configuration

  • 1.  Brocade 300 FOS7.1 ipv6 gateway configuration

    Posted 07-15-2013 01:15 AM


    its first time i try to create ipv6 ip addresses. I found the procedure via CLI and web tools how to create ipv6 management address+subnetmask but i have not found a way to configure ipv6 gateway.

    Anyone else knows ?



  • 2.  Re: Brocade 300 FOS7.1 ipv6 gateway configuration

    Posted 07-15-2013 07:56 AM

    Greetings stefan.beutler.  Please forgive, what may be a stupid question, but have you tried setting the IPv6 auto configuration with ipAddrSet -ipv6 -auto command?  I do realize you are trying to manually set this address, but the reason I'm asking, I'm curious to know if the IPv6 gateway address was properly imported in the particular scenario.

    In addition, you may have already read this, but in case you have not, this passage from the FOS 7.1 Admin Guide does provide some insight into this. 

    "IPv6 can assign multiple IP addresses to each network interface. Each interface is configured with a link local address in almost all cases, but this address is only accessible from other hosts on the same network. To provide for wider accessibility, interfaces are typically configured with at least one additional global scope IPv6 address. IPv6 autoconfiguration allows more IPv6 addresses, the number of which is dependent on the number of routers serving the local network and the number of prefixes they advertise.

    There are two methods of autoconfiguration for IPv6 addresses: stateless autoconfiguration and stateful autoconfiguration. Stateless allows an IPv6 host to obtain a unique address using the IEEE 802 MAC address; stateful uses a DHCPv6 server, which keeps a record of the IP address and other configuration information for the host. Whether a host engages in autoconfiguration and which method it uses is dictated by the routers serving the local network, not by a configuration of the host. There can be multiple routers serving the network, each potentially advertising multiple network prefixes. Thus, the host is not in full control of the number of IPv6 addresses that it configures, much less the values of those addresses, and the number and values of addresses can change as routers are added to or removed from the network.

    When IPv6 autoconfiguration is enabled, the platform engages in stateless IPv6 autoconfiguration. When IPv6 autoconfiguration is disabled, the platform relinquishes usage of any autoconfigured IPv6 addresses that it may have acquired while it was enabled. This same enable or disable state also enables or disables the usage of a link local address for each managed entity, though a link local address continues to be generated for each nonchassis-based platform and for each CP of a chassis-based platform because those link local addresses are required for router discovery. The enabled or disabled state of autoconfiguration is independent of whether any static IPv6 addresses have been configured."


  • 3.  Re: Brocade 300 FOS7.1 ipv6 gateway configuration

    Posted 08-06-2013 07:07 AM

    Hello Mike,

    update i received via support and which is more or less the same you sent:

    Specifically in the case of ipv6 default gateways,  the ipv6 default gateway should be auto-detected/configured by the management interface via the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) built into ipv6.  There is no command available that can be used to statically assign the ipv6 default gateway.




  • 4.  Re: Brocade 300 FOS7.1 ipv6 gateway configuration

    Posted 08-06-2013 08:59 AM

    Thanks for sharing stefan!


  • 5.  Re: Brocade 300 FOS7.1 ipv6 gateway configuration

    Posted 05-07-2015 04:11 AM

    What a mess... I ran into the same problem, cause in our managment network ra or dhcpv6 is not available.