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Brocade 4100s and FabricWatch license?

  • 1.  Brocade 4100s and FabricWatch license?

    Posted 03-21-2013 06:44 AM

    First time poster so if this is the wrong place to submit a question of this type please let me know and I'll correct as needed

    My company has a set of ancient SAN switches in a test network that are a hodgepodge of recycled hardware.  Some have the "FabricWatch" license, some do not. 

    Another administrator has stated he could see previously see the port health monitoring which I believe is enabled with this license on a switch that -did not have the license-.  I've since updated the firmware (from 6.4.3 to 6.4.3d).  Is this license one that is only needed on one switch in the fabric or is it needed on every switch?  I have a SAN health audit from before the fw update that shows the lack of the license on the switch in question.

    Any thoughts on this and general information on Fabricwatch (which I'm also "Googling") would be greatly appreciated.


  • 2.  Re: Brocade 4100s and FabricWatch license?

    Posted 03-22-2013 06:27 AM


    Fabric Watch is a per-switch license, so you need to have it installed in each switch you want to monitor with Fabric Watch.

    AFAIK, in order to have Port Health Monitor active, you previously need to activate Fabric Watch license.

    When it comes to FW documentation, Fabric Watch Administrator guide contains all the info you may need. This guide should be available somewhere at

    Kind regards