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Fabric vision

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  • 1.  Fabric vision

    Posted 03-27-2019 06:57 AM



    I need to install Fabric Vision for my customer who get the license.


    How it's works ?  It's a software to install on a server or we manage this using BNA (Network Advisor) ?




  • 2.  Re: Fabric vision
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    Posted 03-27-2019 11:32 AM

    @Guy Bearn 


    Fabric Vision ( AKA, Fabric Watch, Performance Monitoring ) is a FOS features to enable and configure MAPS,

    and must be licensed for each switch.



    Is not a Software or external application tools, but can be managed trough BNA


  • 3.  Re: Fabric vision

    Posted 03-28-2019 06:57 AM

    Brocade/Broadcom offers a Flow Vision Configuration Guide for each FOS level.

    You can download the guide for the specific FOS level being used by your customer.

    Flow Vision does take some studying (in my opinion) to understand all the bells and whistle.

    Flow monitor, flow mirror and flow generator are some of the features in Flow Vision.


    In its simplest form you can enable MAPS with conservative alert policy setting and have

    the alerts sent to RASlog, email and/or SNMP.