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Enable MAPS

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  • 1.  Enable MAPS

    Posted 04-14-2018 11:56 PM

    Hi All,

    I am planning to move to MAPS from Fabric Watch. I understood that in order to move from Fabric watch to MAPS, i either need Fabric Vision license(which I don't have) or Fabric watch together with Advance performance monitoring license.

    Though I have Fabric watch licences but I don't have advance performance monitoring license. Is there a way I can still go to MAPS?

    And also I have performance monitoring license is it same as advance performance monitoring license?






  • 2.  Re: Enable MAPS
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-15-2018 12:23 AM



    yes with restrictions:


    for more details please refer the MAPS Configuration Guide.


    Initial MAPS setup
    The Brocade Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS) is installed by default, but to enable more than the basic functionality, you
    must activate the Fabric Vision license.
    MAPS is enabled by default starting with Fabric OS 7.4.0. Without a Fabric Vision license the functionality is limited to rules included in
    the base policy, dflt_base_policy.


    Activating MAPS without a Fabric Vision license
    If you have not activated a Fabric Vision license, you can still use a limited set of MAPS functions.
    MAPS is automatically enabled when you install Fabric OS 7.4.0 or later versions; however, if you have not installed and activated the
    Fabric Vision license, you will only be able to use rules that are included in the base policy.