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Port Failure / NPIV duplicate WWN

  • 1.  Port Failure / NPIV duplicate WWN

    Posted 01-14-2013 12:40 AM


    Over the weekend i received an error message from the hosts that were connected through a fabric.  The secondary paths through fabric 2 were all down across 13 hosts.

    There are two switches involved here, a IBM 24/b (Brocade 300) and a IBM bladecenter 20 port (Brocade rebadged)

    Ports 0 and 4 on the 24/b go to ports 0 and 15 on BC switch.  Both ports are now showing an orange light and "No_Sync"

    Int he event logs on the switches the following errors are present.

    24/b - "NPIV port 4 has the same Port WWN with the old port 0 with pid 0x3001d as part of duplicate Port WWN detection policy"

    BC Switch - "Unable to find alternative N_Port during failover for N_Port0" and the same but for port 15.

    I have tried unplugging one of the cables at either and both ends, I also tried to move one port, but it stayed in No_Light.  I cant really find any info on this other than an old thread with no answer to it.

    For info on the switches, these have been in place and running without issue for 7 months, both are fairly new firmware. v7.0.1 and v6.4.2b

    final note, the BC switch is in access gateway mode, not sure if that is revelent here.