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    Posted 10-02-2014 10:55 AM

    I have configured AG in our environment and currently have single TrunkGroup's setup for each Chassis. I would like to configure multiple trunkgroups to allow for higher B2B Credit availability and Segmentation for diagnostics and  higher bandwidth devices.


    We would like to use 3 x 2-port TunkGroups. I understand how to accomplish a 2 x 3-port TrunkGroup, what I'm looking for are any issues / gotcha's that are not covered in the documentation. Best Practice for this type of configuration is not covered and I don't want to put us in jeopardy.


    Current config is DCX 384Bs (FOS 7.x) with IBM Chassis SAN Switches 2020 (FOS 6.4.2b4).


    This is our current thoughts;


    TG1 = all N-port access

    TG2 = High I/O

    TG3 = Diagnostics & Performance Testing


    Thanks for your assistance's.