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SSL and certificates

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    Posted 01-11-2013 11:34 AM

    I'm trying to enable SSL/TLS protocol for WebTools.

    In order to do it I did the following:

    seccertutil show

    seccertutil showcsr

    showed empty lists

    seccertutil genkey - ended OK

    seccertutil gencsr - several question asked and answered, ended OK

    seccertutil export - ended OK, I've got a file on my PC ( is the IP address of the switch)

    I have my own internal CA, so I generated the certificate, created file

    file looks like the following:



    ...(12 lines snipped)



    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    So far, so good.

    Next I issued

    seccertutil import and answered the questions like filename, ftp server address, user, password.

    I've got the message the certificate is imported succesfully

    According to Admin Guide SSL should start automatically. It didn't.

    I tried another "import" syntax:

    seccertutil import -config swcert -enable https  and still answered the same questions as above (ftp)

    This time command ended with error - bad file with certificate .

    Any clue?

    BTW: FOS version is 6.4.2a