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User Access Level

  • 1.  User Access Level

    Posted 10-29-2015 04:35 AM



    Please explain below users privileges and provide default passwords.

    1. root

    2. factory


    Switch model :- 3534-F08

    OS :- Fabric OS 3.2.1b


    Thanks Advance


    Asanka Sanjeewa Perera


  • 2.  Re: User Access Level

    Posted 11-03-2015 10:02 PM

    Please kindly provide root and factory user id privileges and default passwords


  • 3.  Re: User Access Level

    Posted 11-03-2015 11:50 PM



    1) I've remove the comment you post in the other Topic, because the Recovery Procedure for FOS 3.x is different to 4, 5, 6, and 7, and make no sense to post such question in a Topic related to other FOS Release.

    2) FOS 3.2.x and all old Plattforms are End of Support

    3) in order to recovery the Password on FOS 3.x ( is based on VxWorks ) you need and special File from Brocade, there is no other way to recovery it


    with other word it is no way to recovery the password and I cannot assit on that.


    Finally, here in the community are around 100 such Topic about pwd recovery and other method, please use the search features.


    about default password for FOS 3.2, here the same as be discussed in the past in this community.


    for user "root" = fibranne

    all other "user's" the default password is = password