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HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

  • 1.  HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-03-2013 01:32 AM

    Hi, I have a HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 card on a Linux RH5 and it only logs in the fabric (brocade 4100) if we force the speed to 2GB and it only work for few minutes and then it goes In_Sync again, can anyone help me? I think it is a driver related issue but dont know how to fix.


    Paulo Serra


  • 2.  Re: HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-03-2013 01:49 AM


    On the one hand, a good option would be to upgrade the HBA driver (what's the version?).

    On the other, please, try the following and post the result:

    - once you get the port to be ONLINE, clear the stats (portstatsclear

    - can you paste the output of sfpshow

    - what error do you get when setting the speed at auto or 4G?



  • 3.  Re: HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-10-2013 02:53 AM


    After a while the port goes down again, here is the portlogshow:

    portIndex:  31
    portName: LPC0000ORC03_HBA1
    portHealth: No Fabric Watch License

    Authentication: None
    portDisableReason: None
    portCFlags: 0x1
    portFlags: 0x4041        PRESENT LED
    LocalSwcFlags: 0x0
    portType:  10.0
    POD Port: Port is licensed
    portState: 2    Offline
    Protocol: FC
    portPhys:  5    No_Sync         portScn:   2    Offline
    port generation number:    1452
    state transition count:    406

    portId:    011f00
    portIfId:    4302001f
    portWwn:   20:1f:00:05:1e:03:8c:b9
    portWwn of device(s) connected:

    Distance:  normal
    portSpeed: 2Gbps

    LE domain: 0
    FC Fastwrite: OFF
    Interrupts:        1602797    Link_failure: 200346     Frjt:         0
    Unknown:           0          Loss_of_sync: 200347     Fbsy:         0
    Lli:               1602797    Loss_of_sig:  1
    Proc_rqrd:         29         Protocol_err: 0
    Timed_out:         0          Invalid_word: 596603
    Rx_flushed:        0          Invalid_crc:  0
    Tx_unavail:        0          Delim_err:    0
    Free_buffer:       0          Address_err:  0
    Overrun:           0          Lr_in:        1
    Suspended:         0          Lr_out:       1
    Parity_err:        0          Ols_in:       1
    2_parity_err:      0          Ols_out:      1
    CMI_bus_err:       0

    SWDR01:cesce> portstatshow 31
    rbash: portstatshow: command not found
    SWDR01:cesce> portstatsshow 31
    stat_wtx                38485784    4-byte words transmitted
    stat_wrx                592352504   4-byte words received
    stat_ftx                2278790     Frames transmitted
    stat_frx                117211453   Frames received
    stat_cdr_frx            0           Class 2 frames received
    stat_c3_frx             117211453   Class 3 frames received
    stat_lc_rx              0           Link control frames received
    stat_mc_rx              0           Multicast frames received
    stat_mc_to              0           Multicast timeouts
    stat_mc_tx              0           Multicast frames transmitted
    tim_rdy_pri             0           Time R_RDY high priority
    tim_txcrd_z             0           Time BB credit zero (2.5Us ticks)
    er_enc_in               0           Encoding errors inside of frames
    er_crc                  0           Frames with CRC errors
    er_trunc                0           Frames shorter than minimum
    er_toolong              0           Frames longer than maximum
    er_bad_eof              0           Frames with bad end-of-frame
    er_enc_out              596847      Encoding error outside of frames
    er_bad_os               3814394127  Invalid ordered set
    er_rx_c3_timeout        0           Class 3 receive frames discarded due to timeout
    er_tx_c3_timeout        0           Class 3 transmit frames discarded due to timeout
    er_c3_dest_unreach      0           Class 3 frames discarded due to destination unreachable
    er_other_discard        0           Other discards
    er_zone_discard         0           Class 3 frames discarded due to zone mismatch
    er_crc_good_eof         0           Crc error with good eof
    er_inv_arb              0           Invalid ARB
    open                    0           loop_open
    transfer                0           loop_transfer
    opened                  0           FL_Port opened
    starve_stop             0           tenancies stopped due to starvation
    fl_tenancy              0           number of times FL has the tenancy
    nl_tenancy              0           number of times NL has the tenancy
    zero_tenancy            0           zero tenancy


  • 4.  Re: HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-10-2013 02:55 AM

    QLogic Corp. ISP2532-based 8Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA (rev 02)


  • 5.  Re: HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-11-2013 11:06 AM

    pserra, I noticed you are running the 8.03.x firmware by Q.  Their current driver set is 8.05.x.  Just FYI.


  • 6.  Re: HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-11-2013 11:11 AM

    But beyond that, I would suggest speaking to Qlogic regarding their FC adapters.


  • 7.  Re: HPAJ764A -> QLE2562 Problems.

    Posted 07-17-2013 12:11 AM


    it is scary the number of existing bugs in 8.04 and previous driver releases:

    I'd recommend you to upgrade the drivers and then see if problems persist.