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Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

  • 1.  Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

    Posted 12-07-2014 02:14 PM

    Hi Team,


    In AIX, An HBA is degraded since on of the path is failed for one of the LUN came from IBM SVC.

    I have veried the zonning and zonning is good.

    I have verified the storage controller ports to whom the HBA is zonned, they are good and no errors are reported.

    We have tried cfgmgr in AIX, but no luck.


    I am providing the out put from the AIX.

    # pcmpath query adapter

    Total Dual Active and Active/Asymmetric Adapters : 2


    Adpt#    Name    State     Mode             Select     Errors  Paths  Active

        0  fscsi3   NORMAL   ACTIVE         7532789388         58     28      28

        1  fscsi0   DEGRAD   ACTIVE         6662192154       1528     50      49

    There is a path failed out of 50, 49 active.


    DEV#:   8  DEVICE NAME: hdisk8  TYPE: 2145  ALGORITHM:  Load Balance

    SERIAL: 60050848020105D2E000000000000004


    Path#      Adapter/Path Name          State     Mode     Select     Errors

        0           fscsi3/path2           OPEN   NORMAL 1645008559          8

        1*          fscsi3/path3           OPEN   NORMAL      10532         11

        2           fscsi0/path0           OPEN   NORMAL 1445494269         49

        3*          fscsi0/path1         FAILED   NORMAL      78635         69


    fscsi0/path1 is failed which is alternate path If I am not wrong.


    Could you tell me what is went wrong to fail the path?


  • 2.  Re: Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

    Posted 12-08-2014 05:48 AM

    No hardware failures from Storage ->Switch->Host


    Could you tell me what I need to verify to find out the failed path and to fix?


  • 3.  Re: Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

    Posted 12-09-2014 11:02 PM
    Hi, subbu.mca: at first you need to inquire your storage manufactory , i remember , for EMC storage, you need to into engneer mode, manual select the device path . second , can you try to delete the current FC adapter ? then refresh device from AIX OS, rebuilding device path . please attention, before delete FC adapter , you must be stop the applation at the FC adapter, perform the rmdev command , delete devices at the FC adapter .