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Fos fpga_update ERROR

  • 1.  Fos fpga_update ERROR

    Posted 11-28-2013 04:51 AM

    Hi all,


    I've upgraded 4 blade switches (IBM 44X1921, Brocade 5470) from Fos 6.2.0c to 6.3.1 to 6.4.2b.

    Only on two switches, i can't update the fpga from 96 to 97. The two others have been updated successfully.

    I've upgraded one from 6.4.2b to 6.4.2b4, and the fpg_update failed with the same error, as follows:



    NOM-SWFCBCH-2:admin> fpga_update
    The current FPGA version is 96.
    FPGA version 97 is available.
    You should update the FPGA to the new version.
    Warning: FPGA update will disrupt traffic flowing through this switch.
    It will also cause the switch to restart.
    Do you want to update the FPGA to version 97? [N] Y
    Please avoid powering off the switch during programming.
    When programming completes, the switch will reset itself.

    JTAG programming file /fabos/share/63-1000427.xsvf

    .ERROR:  TDO mismatch
    ERROR at or near XSVF command #8. See line #8 in the XSVF ASCII file.
    Programmed /fabos/share/63-1000427.xsvf file successfully


    I don't find any workaround about this error.

    However, all switches works fine.


    Do anyone experienced the same error ?






  • 2.  Re: Fos fpga_update ERROR

    Posted 11-28-2013 09:32 AM

    I've never seen such a message out in the wild nor on the forums here.

    To be honest I didn't know of such a command nor can i find it in the cmd ref guides.

    Only thing I can tell you is to open a ticket with IBM support (as you bought the IBM badged switch) and let them explain it.