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Long Distance ISL Trunking over 100km supported ?

  • 1.  Long Distance ISL Trunking over 100km supported ?

    Posted 09-10-2013 06:50 AM

    Hi all,

    The latest documentation says that trunking over long distance is supported. See

    When checking the lastest FOS 7.x docu there is a table (see attached table from FabricOS 7.2 Admin guide, page 576) which indicates that only one 2-port 2Gb trunk per switch is supported in LD mode at 200km. The number of 4Gb trunk ports at 200km is 0.

    FOS 72 guide - table90 chapter 24 - page 576.jpg

    The good old "Designing Next Generation 4Gb Brocade SANs"  guide has a table that states that 125km is supported for a 2x4Gbit LD trunk.

    Designing next gen SANs Brocade LD trunks.jpg


    1. is the old design doc still valid, an can we use trunking up to 125km with 2x 4Gb links?

    2. what are the current limits for 8Gb and 16Gb long distance fabrics?