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lsan trafic

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  • 1.  lsan trafic

    Posted 12-21-2018 01:07 AM


    I have a routed backbone with DCX's as edge switches.

    Is there any impact on creating all zones as LSAN zones even if the wwn is only accessing local resources?

    Best regards


  • 2.  Re: lsan trafic

    Posted 12-21-2018 01:14 AM

    @Jannik Tonsberg


    can you please specified a bit more ?


    --->>>......creating all zones as LSAN zones....


    do you have IR Licence in DCX and want to create LS ? or what is you goal ?


  • 3.  Re: lsan trafic

    Posted 12-21-2018 01:17 AM

    Tnx for the fast reply

    It is really just to zone the same way for all zones independ of it is a local or remote zone.

    Is there a performance impact - on zoning all zones as lsan zones?

    Best regards


  • 4.  Re: lsan trafic

    Posted 12-21-2018 01:32 AM

    @Jannik Tonsberg


    as per my experience....


    feew years ago by a large Electricity Client, during a Datacenter Migration / Consolidations, and due some restriction, I've create ONE LSAN on Single Port old Brocade 7500 4Gb platforms connected to DCX.


    Server was phisically located o Site_B, DCX was located on Site_A both connected via WDM


    whe move / snap-shoted the OS ( AIX ) from B to A and boot the Server trough the single Port


    The single LSAN_zone had around 650 WWN.


    Is not a joke!


  • 5.  Re: lsan trafic

    Posted 12-21-2018 02:13 AM



    be aware that there is a limit of LSAN zones and slots for proxy devices in fabric.


  • 6.  Re: lsan trafic
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-21-2018 08:15 AM

    The lsan tag is there to inform the switch that this is a routed zone.


    I'm not sure what the impact would be, but I would guess there could be several:


    It's routed. So it attempts to import the device from outside the fabric. As it resides inside the fabric, this could be one impact.


    Another impact could be that this lsan zone does not exist outside the fabric. This could cause issues within the Backbone.


    Another impact would be identification during troubleshooting.


    Another impact is that lsan zone do *not* allow aliases. WWPNs *only*!




  • 7.  Re: lsan trafic

    Posted 12-21-2018 11:29 AM

    I've remember one situation with 3 DC routed coniguration and more than 2500 LSAN zones. Routers rebooted randomly as the memory of switchs run out. 


    @Richard Kelley


    This is not really true, if the all members of LSAN zone will be in same fabric the PID will be not expored. LSAN will beave as regular zone.


  • 8.  Re: lsan trafic
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-02-2019 11:38 PM



    with the command:



    you may show actual treshold settings for FC router.


    with command :



    you may check how many resources is currently occupied



    switch:admin> fcrresourceshow
    Daemon Limits:
                         Max Allowed         Currently Used
    LSAN Zones:                3000                 108
    LSAN Devices:             10000                  81
    Proxy Device Slots:       10000                  25

    For max count as per admin guide:


         By default,
         this limit is set to 3000, which is the minimum. This
         command lets you create more LSANs on your edge fabric, up
         to 5000, if needed to support additional devices.  The
         maximum number of supported LSAN devices is 10,000.


  • 9.  Re: lsan trafic

    Posted 01-04-2019 04:41 AM

    I still have a way to go to 3000 zones:


    None lsan zones:

    ssh switch_1 "zoneshow" | grep -vi lsan | grep zone | sort -u | wc -l


    lsan zones:
    ssh switch_1 "zoneshow" | grep -i lsan | grep zone | sort -u | wc -l


    all zones:

    ssh switch_1 "zoneshow" | grep zone | sort -u | wc -l


    But it would be nice to clear out the impact on performance for using lsan zones.