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Moving Connections from Brocade 200 to Brocade 300

  • 1.  Moving Connections from Brocade 200 to Brocade 300

    Posted 09-04-2014 06:28 PM

    We have two Brocade 200e being used as the SAN switches in a virtualisation environment. We wish to replace these with two Brocade 300. We did not have fabric licences for the 200's so no ISL and thus the Zoning information was manually copied across to the Brocade 300's. Reviewing the Config in the GUI the zoning matches that of the Brocade 200. The zoning is completely WWN based not port.


    At a time outside of working hours I wish to move the connections from the 200 to the 300.

    This will be done one pair (a 200 and its 300 replacement) at a time to ensure continuity of service.

    I have looked for some insite to how this should be done without a lot of success.

    One suggestion is to swap the SAN  fibre's first and then each of the hosts by disconnection, wait 10 seconds,  then connect to the appropriate port on the 300


    Another suggestion is that each change should wait at least 5 minutes before reconnecting to the 300.


    Can anyone point me at some relevant information that might make this swap less stressful  :-)