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removing a switch ISL to separate switches

  • 1.  removing a switch ISL to separate switches

    Posted 03-07-2019 07:51 AM

    Hi All

    I have 2 x 6505 switches running FOS 7.4.1c which are currently merged with a single ISL between them. I have a small number of servers attached to each switch and 3PAR storage array that is attached to both switches. I now want to remove the ISL to make the 6505 complete independent. Only servers on the same 6505 switch see the same 3PAR volumes.


    Currently one switch is the principal switch and the other is a suborbinate.


    Is the following the correct approach:


    Check\Reconfigure the zoning so that zones only include devices connected to a single switch (no single zone includes devices attached to the other 6505)

    place these zones into a new config and enable the new zoning configuration

    Delete all zones that are not part of the active config

    remove the ISL


    I have the following questions?

    The subordinate switch will no longer see the principal switch - will it just promote itself to be a principal?

    Will either switch show the other switch as segemented as it can no longer be conntacted?

    Is it a good idea to change the domain ID of the former subordinate switch to domain ID1?

    Is there anything more I need to do or should do differently?


    many thanks in advance