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DCX ISL - PortTooManyRdys error

  • 1.  DCX ISL - PortTooManyRdys error

    Posted 11-04-2015 07:53 AM

    Hi all!


    I have errors in both sides of an ISL Trunking between 4 DCX Backbones (2 for side, one to one). The ISL connects 2 remote Sites, through DWDM, using 2 diferentes Rings.
    All ports (3 ports between DCX1 and DCX3, and 4 ports between the DCX2 and DCX) have too much portoomanyRDYs, but the porterrshow output don`t show errors. All appears as a normal status. What represents this error? is recomended to setting up or not?


    The FO of the DCX is 7.1.1.


    Thanks !!