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Upgrade 4100 to 6510

  • 1.  Upgrade 4100 to 6510

    Posted 11-26-2018 12:36 PM



    I have a pair of 4100's that are acting as Fabric A and Fabric B.  All hosts using the fabrics are multipathed through pairs of IBM AIX VIO servers.


    I have the configuration from the 4100's dumped and saved offline in text files.  I found a perl script that has created all of the alicreate and zonecreate commands that I need from the 4100 config to put into the 6510.


    The 4100's are running 6.3.2b2 and the 6510's are running v8.2.0b.  I've already run some of the alicreate and zonecreate commands and while I don't have the SAN or VIO servers cabled into the 6510's yet, I've seen no errors zoning the new switch.


    For the actual change, I'm just planning on uncabling one fabric first and then cabling it to the same fabric but on the 6510 followed by testing all of the hosts multipathing.  Once that is proven stable, I'll do the same with the other switch.


    I know this approach is a bit ham fisted but I've never created any kind of extended fabric that crosses mutliple switches.  I also do not currently have open FC ports on the SAN controller itself that would allow me to do this.


    Aside from the rudimentary approach to this upgrade, am I overlooking anything?


    thanks in advance.