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Brocade SDN Controller Overview

  • 1.  Brocade SDN Controller Overview

    Posted 01-19-2015 06:28 PM

    The Brocade SDN Controller will allow you to customize your network to fit your business by allowing you to write software that couples it with your business process and workflow. 


    If you are a decision maker, architect, business analyst or a sales person talking with one of these folks then check out the Brocade SDN Controller data sheet to get an understanding of its goals and capabilities.  


    If you are an application developer, architect or business analyst or a sales person talking with engineering staff and trying to determine whether you should include the controller in your plans and investigate it deeper then check out the Brocade SDN Controller datasheet for developers.


    If you are a network administrator, a devops or an application developer that believes that the BVC may have something to offer then you should install theBrocade SDN Controller (free trial available) and connect one or more network devices.  


    The install can be done quickly if you check out one of the following: Install Script video, Create Docker Image video,  How to Install video or the Brocade SDN Controller Quick Start Guide.  


    To connect a network device (virtual or physical) to theBrocade SDN Controller check out one or more of the following: How to Install Mininet and Connect It video,  How to Connect HP ProCurve/ProVision 2920,  Brocade SDN Controller User's Guide.  It is also in this guide where more advanced topics are discussed such as NetConf, OpenFlow and clustering.


    The User's Guide discusses the example applications that you can run with theBrocade SDN Controller to get ideas how it might solve problems in your network.  Also check out the Brocade SDN Controller Release Notes to understand some of the new features as well as current known limits of this version of theBrocade SDN Controller.


    If you have the ability to write software applications, create python scripts or use curl then you should write an application to the RESTful api (RESTCONF) of the Brocade SDN Controller.    Once installed the Brocade SDN Controller provides you with a live Swagger interface that allows you to easily see and manipulate the API entry points via a GUI.  This will quickly aid you in creating your first application that will monitor and eventually reconfigure the network.  Check out the RESTCONF Developer's Wiki Resource Page,  How to Write RESTCONF Application video or the Brocade SDN Controller User's Guide and they will provide you guidance in understanding how to program the Brocade SDN Controller as well as understanding the example applications so that you can dig into them and begin to create your own applications.