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Video: Install and Run Packaged-App Postman - A Tool For Working With Brocade SDN Controller RESTCONF API

  • 1.  Video: Install and Run Packaged-App Postman - A Tool For Working With Brocade SDN Controller RESTCONF API

    Posted 04-11-2015 03:37 PM

    This video discusses what Postman is and how to install the stand-alone version of Postman and run it.  It can be used to experiment with the Brocade SDN Controller RESTCONF API.




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    00:00:00.530 --> 00:00:03.590
    many folks today i wanna talk to you
    about postman

    00:00:03.590 --> 00:00:07.700
    on him which is an extension for Google
    Chrome that allows you to do

    00:00:07.700 --> 00:00:12.280
    restful calls which is important for
    burke et by a controller which has a

    00:00:12.280 --> 00:00:14.610
    RESTful interface named rest comp

    00:00:14.610 --> 00:00:17.670
    so this is going to be a tool that will
    use often

    00:00:17.670 --> 00:00:21.289
    during your development to experiment
    with rest come so today I want to show

    00:00:21.289 --> 00:00:22.930
    you how to install and run it

    00:00:22.930 --> 00:00:26.240
    okay first let's install postman

    00:00:26.240 --> 00:00:31.529
    to install will open Google Chrome and
    once we've got Google Chrome open we're

    00:00:31.529 --> 00:00:33.170
    gonna go way over on the right side

    00:00:33.170 --> 00:00:36.530
    and open the menu and pick more tools
    and extensions

    00:00:36.530 --> 00:00:40.190
    they're going to scroll down to the
    bottom that pic get more extensions are

    00:00:40.190 --> 00:00:41.950
    in a tight postman in the search

    00:00:41.950 --> 00:00:45.840
    and there's two were picking the package
    tap it important to pick that because it

    00:00:45.840 --> 00:00:47.539
    has more features than the other one

    00:00:47.539 --> 00:00:50.550
    and we're going to head and say adding
    that will install

    00:00:50.550 --> 00:00:54.680
    now that you've got post and install
    let's go ahead and run it to open

    00:00:54.680 --> 00:00:55.539

    00:00:55.539 --> 00:00:58.640
    open a new tab and an open left side pic

    00:00:58.640 --> 00:01:02.270
    when you find postman you click that
    little run it arm

    00:01:02.270 --> 00:01:06.100
    what's important in postman is other
    collections or to pick the collection

    00:01:06.100 --> 00:01:07.689
    staff and the more on that another video