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Display all my CA Allocate system parameters

  • 1.  Display all my CA Allocate system parameters

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 08, 2016 07:13 AM

    In the past CA Vantage was used to display all CA Allocate parameters, and stated


    1) Descriptions for each parameter

    2) Which parameters were CA defaults values

    3) Which were being overridden by my overrides.


    I know that the VKGPARMS DD of the CA Allocate displays option 3 above, but CA Vantage used to display options 1 and 2 also. Today this is no longer available.

    Currently the 'overrides' are displayed in the 'VKGPARMS' DD in the CA Allocate joblog/proclog.


    What about to get that -ALL- of the currently documented PLS options and PLS parms be displayed at the startup of CA Allocate with a brief description of each parameter just be displayed in a separate DD in the CA Allocate joblog?

    What about to reintroduce this functionality into CA Vantage Gui too?