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  • 1.  Latest WinOffline -- 2019.01.10

    Posted Jan 10, 2019 02:42 AM
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    Latest WinOffline version is now -- 2019.01.10



    1- This is the LAST version of WinOffline that will be officially signed by a CA/Broadcom development certificate.


    2-For any future bug fixes or enhancement requests, please open a GitHub issue (


    Bugs addressed:

    1- WinOffline not starting, WmiPrvse.exe process high CPU · Issue #43 · CodeFontana/WinOffline · GitHub


    Enhancements made:

    1- Support "POSTSYSCMD" inside JCL patch · Issue #41 · CodeFontana/WinOffline · GitHub 

    This enhancement will be key for an upcoming Remote Control compatibility patch for Win10 patch.  It allows the JCL to specify scripts that should be run AFTER WinOffline has restarted the CAF service.  For some actions, e.g. import of configuration policy updates, you need the CAF service to be up and running!


    2- Wildcard support for JCL "VERSIONCHECK" · Issue #47 · CodeFontana/WinOffline · GitHub 

    The "VERSIONCHECK" tag in JCL files (which is optional, and only recognized by WinOffline) now accepts wildcards.  So if there is a patch applicable to all r14.* versions, but no earlier versions, the JCL may contain "VERSIONCHECK:14.*".  This also might be useful for a particular/upcoming RC for Win10 patch .


    The last signed WinOffline is attached below.


    Source code is still here: 


    It's been a pleasure everybody!




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  • 2.  Re: Latest WinOffline -- 2019.01.10

    Posted Feb 19, 2019 01:56 PM

    Dear Brian:

    My name is Walter and I tried to fix by WinOffline, this error: Remote Control of Windows 10 Endpoints - CA Knowledge but I couldn´t fix it.

    I executed it by command, just with double click and any of them worked correct. Do you know how should I executed in order to fix this? Every time I tried to execute WinOffline, seems to be installed it but it tried to install it again the next time.

    In addition to this, do you know if we fixed it by this patch, can we avoid connecting to every PC affected or new one?

    Thanks a lot.


  • 3.  RE: Latest WinOffline -- 2019.01.10

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 01:27 AM
    Hi Brian,
    Where can I get the SQL scripts that run in the background of Winoffline?
    Winoffline is a very good tool but, I need to know what it does in case something goes wrong and our DBA needs to check and fix.
    Thanks in advance,