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Jive vote for flagging "Correct Answer" from Inbox.

  • 1.  Jive vote for flagging "Correct Answer" from Inbox.

    Posted Jun 25, 2014 06:56 PM

    Hello All,


    Thanks to Melanie_Giuliani, there is now an Idea on the Jive Community for:


    Ability to Mark Correct Answer from Inbox | Jive Community


    If anyone with Jive access (separate site, not CA site), can vote for this, it would be appreciated.


    This way, people won't need to leave their Inbox in order to close out threads. Which should cut down in the number of "Unanswered Questions" that are in fact answered.


    It will also make working from the Inbox a lot easier.


    Note that flagging individual entries as "Resolved" does not flag the overall thread like Correct Answer does.



    Thanks, Kyle_R.