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Earning Points in CA Communities

  • 1.  Earning Points in CA Communities

    Posted Aug 18, 2016 12:31 AM

    Hello Everyone,


    Here are some common ways to earn Reputation Points through regular activities in the CA Communities.



    PointsActivityReputation Description
    1Be liked Congrats! A piece of content you've created has been liked!
    1Like something Like a piece of content
    2Comment Comment on a piece of content
    2Endorsed for a skill Congrats! You've been endorsed for a skill.
    2Vote on a poll Share your opinion. Vote on a poll!
    2Vote on an Idea Vote on an idea or have your idea voted on
    4Reply Reply to a discussion or question
    4Tag Tag a piece of content
    5Create Create a piece of content
    5Give Helpful/Correct Mark a response to a question as Helpful/Correct
    5Endorse a skill You've endorsed one of your peers for a skill
    15Be marked as Helpful/Correct Have your answer marked as Helpful/Correct



    In addition, there are large “bonus points” for completing “missions” in the CA Communities.

    See Gamification in the CA Communities for which missions are available to you, under your Profile, More, Reputation, Missions.


    Note that these point rewards are subject to change, but they have been steady at these rates since the CA Communities went live.