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Using tags/labels causes browser to hang

  • 1.  Using tags/labels causes browser to hang

    Posted 07-31-2019 06:28 AM
    When I try to use tags in my posts by typing a # character, the browser (Firefox) consumes 100% of CPU and hangs for up to a minute before the menu of tags appears. In Jive the menu was responsive and did not slow down the browser.

  • 2.  RE: Using tags/labels causes browser to hang

    Community Manager
    Posted 08-05-2019 04:41 PM
    Hello Michael,

    As was explained in an earlier post (Why is Tagging so slow #SLOW), The biggest issue is the 40k+ tags that were migrated. There's no easy fix for that as combing through them to eliminate garbage tags is hampered by resources and knowledge. HL are going to look at adding the tag 'button' back for users when they create a post. That might functionally save time but would still be using the same search.

    Diane Craddock
    Community Manager, Broadcom Enterprise Software Division
    Broadcom Inc.


  • 3.  RE: Using tags/labels causes browser to hang

    Posted 08-06-2019 05:10 AM
    Edited by Michael Lowry 08-06-2019 05:10 AM
    Whatever the underlying reason, it worked like a charm in Jive, and it's essentially unusable now.

    Isolating the broken feature using a tag button seems like a pointless half-measure. No one is going to use it if the performance isn't dramatically improved.

    Until you have an actual fix, I suggest that you completely disable inline tagging.

  • 4.  RE: Using tags/labels causes browser to hang

    Community Manager
    Posted 08-06-2019 04:52 PM

    I have been working closely with the vendor on a solution to consolidate tags across all communities while keeping the integrity of the tags migrated.   There are over 45k migrated tags clogging the system across both data sets from (CA Community /Jive and Broadcom Community/Lithium) with 15% of the tags being outright garbage.    The lookup feature isn't working due to the volume of tags and time outs during the lookup.   This feature is intended to lookup the right product tag and suggest it to the user instead of the user created a new tag.    

    Over the past 7 years on the CA Community there have been a lot of variant tags created.    The same goes for the Broadcom/Brocade Community going back over the last 15 years.   We do have user tags and formal tags that may play a part in the solution.

    Our goal is to consolidate all product tags with variants or aliases to catch misspellings as well as underscores, hyphens extra that are created by end users who have created tags over time.   We have not come up with a viable solution without consequences.

    I have considered wiping all tags - starting from scratch with a base set of tags.  This solution would allow for one main product tag with 5 alias tags for each product community.    I am tentatively pursuing this solution based on breaking legacy tags embedded inside existing discussions.  

    We have been continuously working on a solve for this issue along with many other bug fixes and enhancements since we launched June 3rd.

    I appreciate your patience. and continuous feedback.

    Thank you
    Community Platform Owner, IT

  • 5.  RE: Using tags/labels causes browser to hang

    Posted 08-07-2019 04:00 AM
    It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Again, I suggest disabling tagging until the feature is usable.