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 Hypers gone wild.

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Jeffrey Holst posted Mar 06, 2021 10:31 PM
Today (March 6) I received something like 30 emails concerning Hyper PTFs. at around 6:40 EST. Those that I specifically checked were old and I had received emails for them being hyper back in January.  Did something go wrong in the CA-Broadcom system for sending out hyper notifications?
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It happened to me also.   This occurred a couple months ago as well.
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Broadcom Employee Hennie Hermans

Good Morning Jeffrey,

Sorry for this flood of emails on HIPER ptfs. We discovered an problem in the HIPER notification process not sending out emails properly.
We resolved the problems and send the missed notification now to make the registered clients aware of the HIPER published the last time.
Just to prevent missing these notifications..

Hope they dont disturb you too much and provide you the missed information preventing running into one of the problems solved by these solutions.
Best regards

Hennie Hermans