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What you may have missed (January 4 - January 31)

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Hello IM Community, I really did not forget about you all.  I was out of the office unexpectedly for a few weeks and now playing catch up on this blog series.  My colleague Melanie_Giuliani has been holding down the fort and well she had her own work + mine so this blog series just had to wait a bit.   So here goes it... lots of content for you to browse thru, a ton of new ideas that want your vote and some great events are planned.  Be sure to let us know if you will attend by clicking into the event and acknowledge your desire to attend.


A few more things i want you to know:

- Product Surveys close this Friday, February 12

--> Take the CA Spectrum Product Survey

--> Take the CA Application Delivery Analysis Survey

--> Take the CA Network Flow Analysis Survey

--> Take the CA Unified Communication Monitor Survey

--> Take the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Survey

--> Take the CA Performance Management Survey


- We are trying something new with our events  (Webcast + Office Hours)
You will notice office hours are happening shortly after (generally 2 days after) a product webcast event.  Our thinking is you may have some questions after you had a chance to digest the information we just provided.  Tell us what you think!


- Ideas and Product Category
Holy smokes! the volume of ideas is higher than ever.  However, so many of them are coming in with no product category. So here is where i beg for help.  Please, pretty please with sugar on top, be sure to include / identify the PRODUCT CATEGORY associated to that idea.  This is very important!  We can't guarantee product teams will see your idea if it is not properly categorized to a product. Read this for more information --> How to Create Content



February 10 --> IM Community Webcast - CA on CA: Featuring CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

February 11 --> What’s new in CA Unified Infrastructure Management: Release 8.4 & More

February 16 --> Live Demo: CA Unified Infrastructure Management for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop

February 23 --> IM Community Webcast - Vision and Roadmap for Application-Aware Network Monitoring Solutions

February 25 --> Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [February 2016] - Vision and Roadmap for Application-Aware Network Monitoring Solutions

March 1 --> [Cancelled]: IM Community Webcast - Vision and Roadmap for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

March 3 --> [Cancelled]: CA UIM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [March 2016] - Vision and Roadmap for CA UIM



Webcast Recap: Introducing CA Virtual Network Assurance

Webcast Recap: CA Spectrum 10.1 Details with Vision and Roadmap

Webcast Recap: Vision and Roadmap for CA Performance Management and Introduction to Release 2.7

CA Performance Management Office Hours Transcript - February 2016



Spectrum 10.1 GA!!

Cross-Landscape Fault Correlation

Leap Day has no impact on CA eHealth, related CA products

Mediation Manager --> Leap Day Impact

Meet the CA Support Engineer for Infrastructure Management: Michael Poller

Community Member Spotlight for January - Christopher Walsh

Spectrum 10 0 patch list.docx

9.4 to 10.1 Upgrade - Now Tested and Supported



How to make Spectrum OneClick work on OSX

Tech Tip: Knowledge Docs Published December

Tech Tip: Simple GUI for custom probes

Tech Tip: What are the supported platforms for Spectrum 10.1?

Tech Tip: Are the JRE Unlimited Strength Files Required In Spectrum 10.1?

Tech Tip: New Proxy Model Appearance in 10.1

Tech Tip: What are the Required RedHat Linux Packages for Spectrum 10.0/10.1?

Tech Tip: VAIM Console Template Policy tree load latency

Tech Tip: In Spectrum If a discovery has been started is there any way to stop it if required?

Tech Tip: What does Partial Trap Support in MIB Tools mean?

Tech Tip: CA Spectrum 10.1, Chassis Manager Enhancements

Tech Tip: New in 10.1, ModSecurity Support for CA Spectrum

Tech Tip: CA Spectrum 10.1 Adds OneClick Server Self-Monitoring

Tech Tip: CA Spectrum 10.1 Adds Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and Access Point Support

Tech Tip: New in 10.1 CA Spectrum Web Client

List of potential SQL errors seen in the 2D Map after improper SQL 2008 upgrade to SQL 2012 and how to overcome/resolve

Tech Tip: Using NCM with devices not supported Out Of Box


NEW BLOGS  (Thank you Haylee_Thikeo!)

This Customer is Unlocking Greater Growth and Competitive Advantage with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

CA Unified Infrastructure Management is Improving the Student Experience at this University

This Customer is Improving its IT Managed Services Offering with CA UIM and CA Cloud Service Management

This customer is optimizing application performance and improving service transparency with CA UIM!



January 2016 Webcast - Spectrum 10.1 Details with Vision and Roadmap

CA Spectrum 10.1: Teaser

Increased OneClick Server security via ModSecurity

January 2016 Webcast - Introducing CA Virtual Network Assurance

CA Spectrum: WebClient

CA Spectrum 10.1: Support Wireless Controller and Access Points




CA Performance Management

Edit dashboard: display email

Create group from inventory search

Apply search result to ODR template

Define default values for resolution

CA Performance Management Support VMware Site Recovery Manager

CAPM Multi-Agent Support

Preview Functionality for CAPC Threshold Profiles

Vertica backup log pruning; vbr.py defined 'tempDir' cleanup

Unable to see "change" when group name is long

5 min resolution for out-of-box views


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Expand FanStatus metric support on SNMPCollector probe

sysstat probe iSeries percentage of IOP processor time

sysstat probe total IOP processor time

Interfaces submenu - select colums

CDM - Network traffic stats

CDM - Disk Throughtput per disk

Provide ability to put device interfaces into maintenance in UIM.

Monitoring the percent and total of IOP process at AS400 on UIM ISeries probe

Monitoring the percent of the interactive CPU feature that is being used by interactive jobs at AS400

Cross site scripting and database connection string

Add TLS encryption to LDAP authentication

VMware VDI Monitoring

BRMS and PowerHA-probe

Add ECS Metric Collection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) probe

Allow creation of attach queue subjects by wildcard

Admin Console improvements: Filter

Admin Console improvements: Counter

GPFS Probe

Cluster probe   :  Support  for  HP Service Guard     +    LVM    +    RedHat  linux servers

"cookie functionality"  by the url_response probe.

Keep the Infrastructure Manager Stand-alone!

Update the UIM Documentation on Wiki with the quick reference guide on all ports used by UIM

Speed up UMP installer

Update open enumerations of cm_data_import

Video Tutorial UIM Probe

RSP probe - monitor process running with specific user

Discovery needs to provide the option to correlate to the hostname

Add Linux version to the information gathered from the robots

SNMPCollector rediscovery callback

Ability to collect the I/O Reads and I/O Writes using Processes probe in a Windows Machine

Change the Way snmpgw Probe Functions

SNMPCollector threshold between two values

Nimsoft videos

Oracle Probe monitor total number of connections and based on percentage

CDM sample between alarms


CA Spectrum

Event / alarm based maintenance schedules in Spectrum

GISView Add Custom Location to gisGC.config

Web Administration page for pingable device in spectrum

Cisco UCS 2.2 needs to be supported by SystemEDGE Ucs AIM and Spectrum

Exclude Proxy Models from All Accountable Models locater search

Filter by differences (added, changed, deleted) when comparing NCM configurations

Enhancement to Maintenance Mode

Spectrum - Create an IP address range from IP exclussion list in auto discovery

Locater change: Searches saved on SS instead of OC

Integrate TLS session resumption with Oneclick

16 character account limitation in MySQL for Spectrum

Make new Spectrum releases built on up to date components (tomcat, mysql etc.)

Add a column for severity under the Cleared Alarm History tab

CA SPECTRUM must support oracle or cassandra as reporting db

CA SPECTRUM must redesign the architecture for its reporting purposes

Improve the usability of existing features of Spectrum WebClient 1.0

Indicate chassis module alarms as rollup condition on chassis device

MIBTOOLS sync with spectrum model type catalog. Gui based editing of one click tabs information

Upgrade only SSDB via some script(s)

Updating VMs in CAPC/PM from 'Pingable' to SNMP managed


CA Unified Communications Monitor

UCM support of ITU P.863 - POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis)


CA Mediation Manager

Need LC Failback



Export Impact analysis report to excel

ability to see an end to end network connection (going through patch panels)


CA Application Delivery Analysis

Ability to adjust trap source passed via netQoSIncident7URL



Option to skip Dashboard page in UI allowing Management Page to be new default home


CA Network Flow Analysis

Flow Forensics - Add a new Total row for applicable Report Types


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