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CA API Gateway 9.4 is out the door!

By Bill Oakes, CISSP posted 10-30-2018 04:11 PM


I'm here to give you an exciting update - CA API Gateway 9.4 is now available!  The product team has packed quite a bit into this release (I'll share that in just a moment).  For the last few releases, we've really been focusing on three themes to make our platform a better fit for most enterprises:

  • Gateway as a platform:  enabling Enterprise Architects to build new and powerful solutions to resolve sophisticated and often complex enterprise technology problems, to build extensible platform, and opening up APIs to enable new applications
  • Developer Efficiency:  helping Developers shorten time to market, be more productive, and easier to debug and troubleshoot the solutions that they're building
  • Ops Excellence:  lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of our platform, helping enterprises manage their gateways more efficiently, and providing the tools and interfaces that enable IT Ops to manage and maintain solutions that fit their standards and practices.

CA API Gateway 9.4 touches all three of these themes, providing a new deployment model, integrations, and hardware updates.  Let's take a look:


  • AWS Integration Solution Kit: As I mentioned last September, we added an Integration Solution Kit to CA API Gateway, with support for new assertions, specifically around Lambda and S3.  This was a downloadable solution kit, but is now included with this release.
  • Kubernetes Support:  Also mentioned last September, we added the ability to load CA API Gateway on Kubernetes (supported on AWS, Azure, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, and VMWare), making our platform available on a very large, rapidly growing ecosystem.  This functionality is now built into this release.
  • Execute JavaScript Assertions:  This feature allows API Developers to add custom functionality into their policies in a relatively simple manner - by writing JavaScript - something they're already familiar with. While the Gateway is already a very functionally rich development environment, there are still occasions when that functionality simply isn't enough.  So we've enabled API Developers to code that functionality using a popular, widely-used programming language, and have enabled that code to interact with the rest of the Gateway policy language without having to develop custom assertions in Java.
  • Stateless API Gateway Deployment Model:  We've enabled users to utilize off-box service metrics and externalize the state of the Gateway.  This enables the modern deployment model (see Kubernetes and AWS Integration above) and also allows integration into the CI/CD pipeline.  Customers can now send service metrics data to a datastore of their choice and use the analytical tools that they've standardized on.
  • Hardware Updates:  Finally, for those customers that require CA API Gateway on a hardened appliance, we've update to new Oracle hardware (Oracle Server X7-2) and have added support for a new higher performance Thales HSM (Thales NetConnect XC).


We think is is a pretty impressive update to CA API Gateway, and look forward to continuing to bring you new features to better deliver on our themes above.