Service Virtualization

CA Service Virtualization and Jenkins making Continuous Integration and Testing Better Together

By Alan_Baptista_DevOps-SV posted 09-20-2018 12:22 PM


We are proud to announce the new Jenkins plug-in for CA Service Virtualization available as of August 2018 and can be downloaded directly from the Jenkins Plugins Index []


This new plug-in allows CA Service Virtualization users to integrate directly with Jenkins. This Jenkins plug-in offers out-of-the-box ready-built steps that may be used to trigger actions directly in CA Service Virtualization (Version 10.3 and above), including:

  • Deploy virtual Services
  • Deploy test cases or test suites
  • Start, Stop or un-deploy virtual services
  • Display test result report as part of the completed Jenkins Build Report.


Using the Jenkins plug-in helps automate and control CA Service Virtualization directly from Jenkins without the need to manually call any HTTP API. Jenkins plug-in for CA Service Virtualization provides a simple UI screens to define all of the necessary attributes to perform particular actions in CA Service Virtualization.


This tight integration allows users to easily create automation flows to check-out artifacts from repository, deploy them, run them and act upon the results. This flow  brings CA Service Virtualization even closer to the Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery flows built using what is now nearly an industry standard in Jenkins Automation.


In addition, Jenkins plug-in for CA Service Virtualization fully supports Jenkins Pipeline support with domain specific commands that can be used directly in Jenkins Pipeline scripts - there is no longer the need to script manual HTTP request and response handling in order to trigger actions on remote CA Service Virtualization systems.


Here is a quick overview video so you can see some of the functionality we are launching today. You can also replay the community webcast on the use of CA Service Virtualization Jenkins Plugin - here.


If you would like to read more about Jenkins Plug-in for CA Service Virtualization you can check out our DocOps page here [Using Jenkins Plugin for CA Service Virtualization]


In order to download your own Jenkins Plug-in for CA Service Virtualization visit the Jenkins Plugin Index page here []


If you have any questions or comments on the Plug-in for CA Service Virtualization make sure to tag your comment/suggestion with the appropriate “CA Service Virtualization Jenkins Plugin” tag on your CA DevTest Community post.


Go ahead and build great things continuously together with CA Service Virtualization and Jenkins. And don’t forget to let us know what you think here on our community.