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What you may have missed (March 23 - April 5)

By Anon Anon posted 04-06-2015 10:19 AM


Hello APM Community, In case you haven't had the chance to stop on by the APM Community, here is what you may have missed!  Lots of great content being posted into this community. My personal favorite was this blog post written by Florian_Cheval - be sure to check it out as it's thoughtful and insightful.


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Upcoming Events! (Please RSVP if you will attend)

RESCHEDULED: CA APM Community Town Hall

APM Community Webcast (May 2015)

HAPPENING NEXT WEEK:   Office Hours for APM (April 2015)


Announcements / Noteworthy

General Availability Announcement for CA APM 9.7.1 Service Pack and CA APM Command Center 1.0

Upcoming APM Feature Demos!

New Project Coming Soon!


New Field Packs

Services APM


FieldPack - CPU Counter for Java Agents      CPU Counter for Java Agents


New Blogs

Visualizing CA APM data using DotNet.Highcharts

CA APM Upgrade - How we successfully upgraded Huge APM Production Infrastructure

What’s New In CA Mobile App Analytics 15.1

Applying User Experience Design to Agent Management


New Ideas

Triage Map Historic View - Left side pane

Provide CPU counts for both Java and .NET agents

GC Monitor Overview tab for the Manager's GC Heap

Provide links in the ASM Message Log tab

Add a Monitor search capability to the ASM Portal


New Tech Tips/KB's

New APM/ASM/Exec Insight KBs For March 2015


Open Questions / Can you help answer any of these questions?

Reminder:  *If the answer has been addressed to your satisfaction, please mark that answer as "correct" 

Where in the Investigator does it show the Manager's version

In Webview, how can I set a default dashboard to display on the Console screen upon login?

Can I access the last part of the metric name in a typeview?

can we schedule report template

smartstortools - export metrics with their value


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