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Welcome to CA Release Automation 6.4

By Christine.Bentsen posted 05-01-2017 04:08 AM


We have two very big announcements today!


1. CA Release Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director (formally know as Continuous Delivery Edition) will now have their own community. This separation reflects the growing user base and specific use cases for each product. You can find the the community for CA Continuous Delivery Director, here. 


2. Today, we are pleased to announce that Release Automation 6.4 is now available.


Release theme: DevOps productivity


Key features in CA RA 6.4 include: 


As Code support to streamline onboarding new applications.

To accelerate automation within the product, RA 6.4 introduces a new DSL that allows users to follow an ‘as code’ approach to add new applications. Users describe applications, environments, and processes to added with code, and without the need of a UI. Users can also leverage existing applications in the system as a baseline for creating new applications.


A new DSL editor is now embedded in the product, helping users to easily describe the application model they would like to create within the system. The editor includes productivity improvement options like auto-complete, real time schema, data validation and more.


See a video of As Code support in action.


Advanced debug capabilities to decrease time for resolution.

Deployment to production is often a major event. When errors happen and releases fail, it is critical to understand the root cause and solve problems quickly. In order to reduce downtime and MTTR, RA 6.4 introduces improved root cause analysis capabilities. This includes new logging capabilities that are available from within the UI with the click of a button. The new log shows all the pertinent information needed for analysis (inc. parameter values, workflow execution, failures, etc. This will help the users to accelerate the investigation and fix the issues faster than before.


Customer Feedback on Advanced Debugging

“I cannot express how great it is to see the input and output run time details in a log file after a deployment has finished.  Finally, I can see what is happening after the fact in detail!”


“For us, this feature is the go to why we're going to update as soon as 6.4 is available…, as it really hastens the debugging process, especially when a deployment is already finished…Communication on errors will also be improved as now … the log file can be attached instead of just sending screenshots.”



New debug capabilities are shown in the screen, allowing users to easily retrieve the logs in different granularity (deployment, step and agent level).


Real time parameters values are visible from within the UI.



Sample of the new log that contains all execution data (including. parameter value, process flow, errors, etc.)


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11-26-2018 09:50 AM

Automation is the future although it is not much reliable as of now, every software testing tool uses automation. However, manual testing can not be abolished.