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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (March 2nd - March 9th)

By Chris_Stallone posted 03-09-2015 10:09 AM


What happened last week in the CA Security Community? Getty_166499394_75.jpg


Here's a quick recap...


News & Announcements

CA Security Community Member Spotlight – Sagi Gabay

Open Questions

Too many ValidateAccept events

Case of Name ID in assertion

CA Riskminder stand alone

Read Screen Logical Attribute in BLTH

Test Tool Load Testing not working

CA Data Protection: export node

CA Role and Compliance Manager error connecting to database

SM as a Radius server support RFC 2865

Oracle Applications Endpoint in CA provisioning manager

Looking for a way to show the actual LDAP queries that SiteMinder is running when performing authn/authz with additional attributes being used to do the authn/authz

Upcoming Events

CA Privileged Identity Manager Office Hours (Mar. 10)

LIVE DEMO: The Different Types of Policies & How They Interact with CA Privileged Identity Manager (Mar. 18th)

CA Advanced Authentication Office Hours (Mar. 16th)

CA Single Sign-On Office Hours (Mar. 19th)

New Ideas

Vote up on ideas that you want included in an upcoming release. Click on the idea below to vote.

CA PIM Support for Microsoft AD LDS (formerly ADAM) endpoints

Enhancement Request - Support SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Do you need that IM agent 12.6 sp3 and above should support SHA 256 and SHA 512 for password hashing algorism?

Job Description in OS400

Provide MySQL queries for SS, PS, logs, and users

Feature request for CA Directory DXGRID to suport RFC 3062

GovernanceMinder Clear Cache

WAOP : AgentName support on WAOP ACO values

SQL Closed Connection error handling

CA Data Protection: audit buttons configurable/visible by user role

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