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What you may have missed (Jan 5 - Jan 11)

By Anon Anon posted 01-12-2015 09:29 AM


Hello IM Community!  We are kicking off the New Year with a new Blog Series called "What you may have missed."


Here is what you can expect from the "What you may have missed" blog series.  First, they will publish every Monday.  Second, we will provide many of the key highlights that you might have missed from the week prior.  Please note that we will not feature all new content just the highlights.   We have way too much content pouring into this community on a daily basis to include every single piece (plus it would just take way too long!).


We are always looking for ways to improve and organize our content so that it is easy for you to find what you need quickly.  If you have any suggestions please send a message to MelissaPotvin or Melanie_Giuliani.   All feedback is welcome!


We hope you enjoy and find this useful.   Many other CA Communities are doing the same thing, so be sure to look for more "What you may have missed" blog articles as you browse thru other CA Product Communities.


Have a great week!



Product Info : CA Performance Management 2.4 General Availability

What's New - CA Performance Management 2.4 - January 2015.pdf

Product Info : CA DCIM 4.9.00 General Availability Announcement


New KB Articles:

New KB Article: How to modify Response Path Component Element names in CA Data Aggregator

New KB Article: How to move the Data Repository Vertica Database Catalog directory

New KB Article: Vendor Certification Priority List is empty in CA Performance Center UI

New KB Article: How to properly restart the CA Infrastructure Manager environment

New KB Article: Unable to change element context in Dashboards

New KB Article: CA Performance Center Dashboard error


New Tech Tips:

TECH TIP: 2.4 Host Evaluation Feature

Some tech tips on installation and upgrade to eHealth

Tech Tip: eHealth Live Reporting unavailable for some elements

Tech Tip: RA 9.0 Pump Service out of memory

Tech Tip: possible db error after DB restore: ORA-00001: unique constraint (EHEALTH.NH_ELEMENT_IX2) violated )"


Answered Questions

CA Spectrum R9.4 GEN06101559M.tar file format

How could i monitor a ibm power 5

How could i monitor a ibm power 5

Is there a way to export data from NFA about active routers/interfaces?

CAPC - move group


Upcoming Events:

January 13, 2015:  Office Hours for eHealth - January 2015

January 15, 2015: Free Training: Quick & Easy Fault Isolation in CA Spectrum

January 20, 2015: IM Community Webcast - Extending DCIM to Manage Data Center and IT Capacity

January 28, 2015: Free Training: Building Customized Role Privileges w/ CA Spectrum

January 29, 2015:  Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - January 2015



New Ideas:

Add more granularity to PM for sensitive SNMP devices

Full integration of "Cisco-Firewall-MIB" in Spectrum to get the ability to detect the state of the ASAs by polling.

Ability to specify direction of tree layout in topology view

Apply pre-defined layout to only selected models

More granular ability to display/hide off page references

Threshold Profiles: Disable single Event Rules

Threshold Profiles: Severity Warning needed

Increase character limit

Auto-enable select interfaces in NFA

Spectrum NCM Alarm for Startup Config Differences

Ability to email reports in csv format

Integrate the console/management functions of NFA into CAPC

Exclude Drives from Dashboards

Need CAPC EM Traps To Send IP address as a part of the trap

CAPC and ehealth trend report