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Did you miss the announcement?

By Anon Anon posted 01-01-2015 12:59 AM


Did you miss the big announcement?


Everyone understands that the holidays are a busy time; and maybe you missed the HUGE announcement of DevTest 8.0.



You missed:

CA World Presentations + More Presentations + Previews = Awesome

What's New in CA Service Virtualization 8.0 - CA World Pre-Conference…

The 12 Days of DevTest Blog Series

Intro of DevTest Portal

Communities Engagement

Dec 2014CA DevTest Community Webcast Replay - CA SV 8.0 Demo Part 1

CA DevTest Community Webcast Replay - CA SV 8.0 Demo Part 2

Pre-Launch Goodness

Igniting Innovation in the Application Economy

...and More


Well if you noticed everything is linked above and you can catch up on everything that you missed - all in one place.


Now you feel the joy! and you're ready for the New Year and the New DevTest 8.0 Release; find out how to download it here.


Happy New Year!