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Blog: The Gentle Art of Remote Support Communications

By Hallett German posted 05-29-2016 11:17 AM



[My thanks to the fine folks at Pixabay for their free illustrations.]


In the modern world, many conversations are not face-to face. They are often with people that we never have or ever will meet. We may not know what they look like or what their favorite food is. What are some of the things that we can do to make this a success -- especially for Technical Support Staff?


Nine Guidelines

1. Remote communications even under optimal conditions are never easy. So work hard at it. Don't assume that your words were understood. Take nothing for granted. Always ask if there are questions or concerns.


2. Come from a place of service. Offer a caring attitude to your audience. They are the most important thing in your life at that time.


3. Offer a reflective mind.  Add nothing extra to the equation regardless how you feel that day. Keep the feelings to yourself.


4. Have a Beginners Mind. Treat the conversation as this is the first time you ever had this discussion rather than go in with preconceived notions and set objectives.


5. It is all a dance. So have fun with it and enjoy the ride. Let the conversation go through its various twists and turns. Sometimes it may drift. But that's okay. Being slightly off-topic may reveal other insights.


6. Deep Listening. Listen beyond the words to what is really being said, what is not being said, and what the person is feeling.


7. Humor at Times It may not work with all audiences and all situations. But keeping things light can be an invaluable aid.


8. Active Listening. Show you understand through reflective listening. Give the speaker the needed time to be heard and understood.


9. WebEx's/Illustrations. Both parties seeing the same thing rather than verbally describing something can help move things along.


Please let me know the techniques that you use for this increasingly important area.



06-03-2016 11:12 AM

Point #7 can be helpful.  It was in this case.

Robin Hood Men in Tights Bad news - YouTube 

05-31-2016 11:43 AM

it seems so simple,  yet if we were all to take more time to actually do what you write here.. the world would be an even better place i personally appreciate #6