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11 Reasons to head early to CA World '15: Deep dive ITSM sessions!

By Allen_Houpt posted 08-27-2015 03:52 PM


Register for CA World '15 today: CA World ’15 - CA Technologies

We are planning some exciting and interesting CA Service Management Pre-Conference Education sessions on Monday and Tuesday of  CA World (November 16th and 17th).  The sessions are listed below and already listed in the on-line CA World Session Catalog (search on 'ITSM', 'service management' or 'asset manage' to view all ITSM sessions).


This is a great opportunity to do a deep dive on some aspects of the products that you have been using, or just to learn more about any of our solutions!


CA Service Management Pre-conference Educations Sessions


What's New in CA Service Management - Learn about the major capabilities added to CA Service Desk Manager and CA Service Catalog in the last several releases (since 12.0) from CA Product Management.


Get the Most Out of CA Service Management Unified Self-service - Learn exactly what is possible with CA Service Management to enable self-sufficiency of your business consumers. Also see how these same capabilities can be leveraged by support analysts and other IT service management (ITSM) power users.


Building Basic ITSM Workflows in CA Service Management - Learn how to build basic ITSM process workflows. Examples will use flows relevant to common service management processes.


Building Advanced ITSM Workflows in CA Service Management - Learn how to build advanced  IT service management (ITSM) process workflows with CA Process Automation. Examples will use flows relevant to common service management processes and integrations.


Building ITSM Reports and Dashboards with CA Business Intelligence Tools - Learn how to build reports and dashboards in CA Service Management using out-of-the-box capabilities of CA Business Intelligence tools - BusinessObjects XI (a.k.a. BOXI) or CA Business Intelligence (a.k.a CABI). Understand how to add business value and IT relevancy through creating and proving analysis everyone can use.


Advanced and Reporting Dashboards with Xtraction - Having the right information at your fingertips at exactly the right moment to get that project approved is critical. Static dashboards are no longer acceptable. In this session you will see an IT service management (ITSM) dashboard being built using Xtraction for CA Service Management. See how it can be modified in seconds, demonstrating the power and value that advanced reporting and dashboards bring to ITSM.


Effective Change/Configuration Management with CA Service Management - Learn important IT service management (ITSM) tips and best practices for how to implement CA Service Management's CMDB for maximum change benefit. The session will include such topics as service modeling, discovery, change audit control, federation, reconciliation and synchronization, and will be taught by CA experts in CMDB.



Asset Management Pre-conference Educations Sessions


Get the Most From Your Software Licenses with CA Software Asset Management - Learn some of the critical underpinnings of software asset management from CA experts. Best practices and tips will be highlighted with emphasis on optimizing licenses via software asset management solutions from CA Technologies.


Managing Software Entitlements in Software Asset Management Solutions from CA - This session will focus on the process of registering software entitlements in Software Asset Management solutions from CA.


Zero to Compliance Using Software Asset Management Solutions from CA - This session will take the attendees through all the steps performed in the software license compliance reporting process, including discovering software, identifying license demand and ensuring you have the right software entitlement to be compliant. This informative session will be built based on a series of sequential labs that the attendee will complete to see the final result.


A Day in the Life of a Software Asset Manager - Follow along as a day in the life of a Software Asset Manager unfolds. Learn important tips and secrets for success in software asset management. This session has a heavy emphasis on effectively generating a software compliance audit report.


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Hope to see you there!!!




08-31-2015 04:37 PM

Yes, and very glad there will be technical sessions on CA Software Asset Management!

08-27-2015 09:23 PM

Really helpful to see more information on pre-conference sessions. Thanks for sharing!

08-27-2015 04:28 PM

Thanks for sharing this great info with the community Allen!

11 Reasons to head early to CA World '15: Deep dive ITSM sessions!